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Lauren Savino, CFA, CAIA

Lauren is a leader in the alternative investment industry with quantifiable data supporting her ability to accelerate growth of businesses and funds. She started The Savino Group in 2018 as a project to share her investor relations experience with emerging funds. Since then, it has expanded into a network of like minded independent consultants who have specific expertise in private real estate, hedge fund, and private equity. 

As a group, The Savino Group decades of experience sourcing deals, creating compelling marketing collateral, and enhancing sales operations strategies.

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Lauren was the sixth employee hired at a hedge fund that was operating similarly to a proprietary fund when she joined. She pivoted the investor relations strategy to raise over $1B and increase profitability to the firm. In 2018, Lauren became an independent consultant, aiming to share her expertise with emerging fund managers. Her goal was to make alternative investment strategies more accessible. However, her career took another pivot. 

In 2019, Lauren entered into a buy-side M&A agreement. She was immediately enamored with the introduction to new industries and relationships with business owners. Lauren dedicated the majority of her time to creating positive deal experiences for her clients and business owners from that point. She continues to advise emerging alternative investment managers on investor relations strategies as well. 

In Lauren's free time, she enjoys traveling, skiing, fine dining, and spending time with her husband and dog.

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