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1: two or more figures forming a complete unit in composition

Asset managers should be enabled to focus on their strengths, managing assets. Success is built on a foundation of a strong network supporting asset managers to do what they do best. ​

The Savino Group started as one person looking to leverage her network to bring together a group of the best in breed resources to drive growth for alternative asset managers. Through partnerships, The Savino Group has grown into a complete unit encompassing all aspects of marketing, distribution, and technology strategy. 

The Savino Group engages on a project or ongoing basis with alternative portfolio managers who are seeking strategies to grow assets under management. 

Lauren Savino, CAIA

As a Managing Director at a leading alternative asset manager, Lauren Savino wore many hats early in her career: head of marketing, product development lead, recruiter and trainer of top sales and marketing talent, investor relations specialist, and builder of corporate culture. Most notably, Lauren developed and executed a business plan to market and distribute her firm’s investment offerings in a mutual fund structure under a newly created affiliate. Under this business plan, the firm grew from a boutique asset manager with under $300million in assets to over $1.4billion at its peak. 

Lauren currently serves on the Board of Women Investment Professionals as the Chair of the Outreach Committee. 


Lauren drove sales through dynamic strategy and execution, and by coaching geographically remote sales teams to achieve excellence. With principal focus on embracing leadership and initiative, she developed important programming and resources for her team. This included new and ongoing employee training and development across sales and marketing.

. Lauren learned many valuable lessons along the way about how best to structure and motivate teams, 

Additionally, Lauren led product development at the firm. She conducted market research to determine the largest areas of product demand among Registered Investment Advisors and aligned that demand with the Portfolio Team's skill set to create a pipeline of new strategies and products. With the investment team, she designed an equity alternative strategy and filed for a new mutual fund. In early 2018, the firm's flagship investment strategy failed, and the new mutual fund never launched.

Today, Lauren has used the knowledge that she gathered at the CTA to help other alternative investment managers develop marketing and distribution plans that optimize their growth potential.

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